Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Is Well

Sigh......LIFE IS SO GOOD!

I'm holed up in my bedroom right now as our internet connection is a bit spotty. For the record, I'll be updating our Christmas posts as Saturday and Sunday entries, so they will eventually come up in chronological order. But, first, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate the here and now.

We are in Sunriver. And we are so happy. The weather forecast showed little chance of snow both being on the ground and arriving while we were here. But, still, we tried to remain upbeat - at least it wouldn't be raining here like it had been the week before.

However, as we drove through Bend yesterday - it was if magic had descended upon the town and flocked everything white. Freezing fog had made the place a photographer's dream and it was just the cozy atmosphere that we dreamed for.

As we drove into our new house in Sunriver, we found that there was indeed a bit of snow on the ground - and even more as we traveled towards the river - where this was located.

We changed houses because the rates on our other one was going up too much - and knowing we'd have three dogs with us - we had to find a different house. Much to our surprise, we found this one (Stephie gets the credit), and from the looks of it on the internet, it was hard to understand why it would end up being cheaper than the other one. We booked it, and hoped for the best.

Our hopes were exceeded alright. So gorgeous. So perfect with room arrangements, gourmet kitchen, and hot tub, even the deck (at ground level) could be blocked off to let the dogs outside with some freedom.

And, then, this morning, I awoke at 6:15, to see new white all over the ground - with more coming down from the sky. I nearly cried!!! Hot tub + book + Russian Tea + chocolate chip cookies + snow falling = absolute happiness!!!!


sara said...

wow, that looks so beautiful and peaceful!!!

have a wonderful, RELAXING time!!!

j.nelson said...

shoots bra you be cruis'n in thee white stuff. joy those days dar dee steph

(do you think i may be in denial? :) miss you. sounds so fun. can't wait to see ya.)