Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Our Day....

Last night, we had Julie and Will over for a "thank you" dinner. Ah shucks, the "thank you" part was just an excuse....

Armed with plenty of high calorie, high comfort food, we settled into the living room to participate in John and I's choice of "entertainment". Pull out the board game. Yes, shocking to those of you who know me well...I'm not much of a game player. (However, I do like video games....). But, this one is a bit different, and has been around in John and I's life through most of our marriage.

It's called "Christmas in a Box" - and is a version of Monopoly. I got it probably 12 years ago from a Hallmark store - way before it became popular to remake the Monopoly game into whatever theme fits any given person. The properties are loosely based on the 12 Days of Christmas and the card choices are pulled from "Big Fun" and "Bah Humbug" and include having the recite the 12 Days of Christmas, or "land on Mistletoe and kiss the player on your left" (though that is the raciest by far of the cards).

We only get around to playing the game about every other year, so it was great to pull it out with a brand new set of friends and enjoy the fun of it. Will took on Brayden as a partner who wished to purchase everything he landed on - and ended up having to mortgage out a few before we "called the game". On the other hand, Mikayla, who paired with Julie, was reluctant to buy anything. They'd run through their $100 bills, and although Mikayla does well in math, it concerned her that they didn't actually have that many "bills". Julie eventually exchanged a $500 for 5 $100's and Mikayla then loosened the purse strings considerably. =)

We all had a super time. We gave Julie a hard time for having to leave by 10:00 for another activity, but the truth of the matter was the Rileys were fading fast by 9:30. We may have proved that were not so old based on conversation and fun, but when it comes to wearing out early....we're a little pathetic that way. (However, it may have something to do with the fact that John was up at 4, myself at 5, yesterday to get an advanced start on the day.....).

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j.nelson said...

i'm glad we were special enough to one, make the count down calender TWICE, get the special dinner menu and the fun at "christmas in a box" and you blogged about us.. ahh shucks ;)