Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Day of 2009

As expected, a major storm came through. (And, I'm not just talking about the mess in the kids' room upstairs). From about 6am until 1pm, I'm guessing nearly a foot of snow fell. It then turned to rain, but because of the sheer volume of snow, it hardly made a dent in the white scene around us (but, it was much more depressing to look out and see).

The storm did succeed in preventing the Schilling family from leaving a day early. While I feel bad for Michael's family to miss out on their company for their annual New Year's Eve party, I'm thrilled that they got to stick around until the same time that we will leave tomorrow - and transplant our party to our house as we cheer on the Ducks for the Rose Bowl game on tv.

The common phrase amongst Michele, Stephie, and myself today has been, "Now you're not packing are you?". There's this frenzy that happens once someone shows signs of packing up and none of us are ready to go there. So, there's been plenty of laundry run through, and a bit of organizing, but much more savoring of the fine time of vacation we are having here.

With the snow coming down so heavy this morning, Michele finally went out to her car to grab her umbrella to keep the book from getting too wet. We just put together our list of "Things We'll Change for Next Year" (which really isn't that long, we are all quite pleased.....) - but on that list is a golf umbrella.... =)

There will be NO snow when we return home tomorrow. The forecast just shows a lot of rain. I'll really need to start using the "Glo Lamp" for SADD soon, but that's a worry for another day and not this happy ending to 2009!


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