Monday, December 07, 2009

Baking Weekend

A great majority of my "at home" time this weekend was spent in the kitchen. It was baking weekend - accentuated even more by a request from the Auction to supply a cookie tray there. It's always been a joy of mine (really) to supply cookies to the folks John works with, and this year was no exception. There was Saltine Toffee, Mounds Bars, chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, Heath Bars, and sugar cookies. The essentials of our Christmas goodies requirements.

In addition, I pulled out my recipe for "Meringue Mushrooms" and baked up a batch for a dear friend I saw on Saturday. I love these guys - they are really quite impressive, and I love the look I get from folks when they wonder if they really are getting real mushrooms!

1 comment:

j.nelson said...

i think i see one of those with my name on it.. :) how thoughtful of you steph..

just kidding .. that box of treats = julie has no self control.