Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It Doesn't Show Signs of Stopping.....

.....but we've got some corn for popping, and since there's no place to go.....

And, oh by the way, Mikayla, how do you like this for a birthday present?! Happy birthday sweet, beautiful daughter of mine!

We are all safe and cozy after having ventured into Bend for some bowling celebration. It started snowing just a bit as we were driving out of Bend and only increased as we got closer to our house. Now it just keeps coming down and we all can't stop grinning.

While everyone was not exactly thrilled to have to pose for this picture - I'm so glad we took the quick pitstop to snap it. This is about a block's walking distance from our house.

Where we went bowling - and will probably return in years to come - a pretty fun little establishment.

On my first turn, as I threw the ball my foot slipped over the line and I ended up on my rear end due to the slippery wax. Nice way to start....

Brayden's second game was his best ever, he exceeded 100!

Some photo ops with the birthday girl.....

This was Michele celebrating another strike. I'm a bit bitter for her continuously one-upping me. She beat me on the first game by 4 points, and the second by 6......(the second game was her best score ever at 143)

And, you can use your imagination as to why this was taken - I was returning the balls to their place of storage - and yes, it was my own idea - though, for some reason, following this pose, the guys' game was temporarily off.....

Back at home - such a happy Syd. Her and Baxter especially love it - and frolic like crazy outside. Bogey only tolerates it - and for only short periods of time only because his two buddies are out there.

The boys dared themselves to run around the house 5 times. They got cold enough doing this that they are now warming themselves up out in the hot tub.


sara said...

even without the commentary I could tell that you are having a fantastic time!!!

Happy Birthday to your girl!!!

and the balls, well....what knockers! :)

ryanjess said...

Okay .. for some reason this is one of my favorite posts to date.. serious laughter going on..

1.) Good family pic
2.) Brayden is wearing jeans?!?!?
3.) Oh you fell on your butt.. made me chortle
4.) Michele beating you.. it's okay Steph maybe next time
5.) Your humor of the balls.. bah! (Will was impressed)But a hands down gorgeous pic of you.
6.) Syd won my heart.

The End.
The End.

ryanjess said...

oops im on my sister's..

(it's me... Julie ;)