Friday, January 01, 2010


Will this be the year.......

- That I get to swim with dolphins? (A life long dream?)
- That I manage to go for more than a week without a headache?
- That Brayden begins middle school? (Say it aint so!)
- That I attend a 20 year high school reunion? (I think it's planned for the last weekend in July...)
- That Mikayla gets braces?
- That John and I simultaneously reach a point we are both happy with our weight?
- That I actually "catch air" when jumping a wake (wakeboarding)?
- That the dogs give up digging at the same hole in our backyard?
- That we have a phenomenal "dream-come-true" four family vacation in Orlando?
- That our garage stays clean longer than a week?
- That I substitute teach more than just one day?
- That I stay consistent with a Quiet Time plan?
- That we paint the outside of our house? (That would be so great!)
- That I get a new vehicle? (My transmission is failing fast!)

Who knows...I can have high hopes though - it's a new year! Welcome 2010!!!!

1 comment:

Stephietoo said...

I am going to have to say 'no' to the one about the dogs digging the same hole in the backyard.... They just love that hole so very much. :o)