Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Break

As I think anyone who has read my blog at all knows, I am a person with high expectations. I can get quickly let down when events that I have looked forward to for a very long time become not at all what I hoped for (i.e. - rain in Sunriver, the flu on Christmas day.....). I am a little nervous over this week's trip to Palm Springs - it seems like a given to expect desert weather, but, there's showers in the forecasts and temps in the low 70's. Um, not what I had in mind. Hopefully, that will change.

I do feel good, however, that I entered into spring break with very few pre-conceived notions on what it would be like. Simply not waking up to drag Brayden to school was enough for me - and yes, a guaranteed given! With that said, spring break has far exceeded my expectations - here's a few reasons why-

- a fabulous, spontaneous trip to the beach with the family - previously detailed
- a nostalgic 24 hours spent at the "Schilling Compound" complete with several runs on Michael's newly constructed zipline. With the duck pond in the distance, a happy chocolate lab running around, an outdoor fire lit (we should have brought marshmallows) and kids screaming in delight as the zipped along.... it was definitely a Kodac moment. (We snapped shots with Michele's 35mm camera - we'll get those processed one of these days...)
- another spontaneous activity of bowling with the cousins. Guess who got the high score? That would be 2 year old Ellie. Somehow, every push we helped her make seemed to magically bounce off the bumbers in just the right way. The first 3 frames were spare, strike, strike. She ended with a score of 147!
- a trip to the park with Lisa and the kids. Brayden biked the mile back completely on his own - YEAH! And, the girls did fantastic with their training wheel bikes - not one complaint from Mikayla despite a grand total distance of two miles. It was on Monday when the weather was great - that definitely felt like spring.
- finally, a trip to the spa. Can't say enough about the body wrap experience..... (refer to Labor Day post) - and a certain spa beginning with a B here in town now has new chairs for their pedicure. They have a "rolling" SHIATZU massage experience which can really knead the muscles in your back. BLISS.......

I hope your spring break was wonderful as well. One final thought - what is your high score bowling?


StephieAnne said...

If I remember correctly, I think it was 152. Against Ellie I only scored 137.

Colie said...

I'd love to know more about this spa stuff. A body wrap? I'm very interested!
Ellie Rocks!
I hope you have a blast in Palm Springs. Vacation - hello - it's okay if it's not 100 degrees (or more realistic 80).
Finally, I'm not sure I can beat 100. I tend to feel bad for the person who has the lowest score and so I start to mess up on purpose. Then I can't get it back after that. It's quite interesting:-).

amy said...

Only once have I scored this high. It was 150. I usually hover around 99. Although the last time I bowled it was horrible; even with the bumpers up.

HollieHobbie said...

random: who has the chocolate lab? I am more and more interested in this animal since we bid $1150 in an auction for one a couple of weeks ago. We lost. and what kind of dog is Sydney? Maybe by the time we get all of our research done on the perfect dog for our family we'll be ready to get one.

stephietoo said...

Hollie, I think the perfect dog for you guys would have to be a beagle. Travis and I absolutely love our little man. Although, Sydney is absolutely wonderful also (she is a golden retriever). I assume the chocolate lab was Michael's brother's dog. Am I right Steph and Chele?

I can't wait for Palm Springs. Travis and I definitely need this time away from home, work, and Bogey (yes, we love him dearly, but still need a little bit of time away from him.) I have started making a list of outfits to wear, I have gone shopping and bought some new clothes and a new swimsuit. (Not an easy task with a broken foot.) The countdown begins! Travis and I leave in five and a half days.......

Bowling..... I am not the greatest at bowling. The score that I remember the most was when I was in high school and I went bowling with my then boyfriend, Matt, and a couple of our friends. I scored a 13. Yes, you saw that right, no it's not a typo. I scored a 13, 013. My boyfriend printed the score out and hung it on his wall at home. I was never a fan of bowling since then, but going with the kids and our best friends makes it easier to go to the lanes.

Well, SNL is over and I am so tired, so I think I will go to bed now. Oh wait, another episode of SNL on E! I may have to force myself to stay up for a little while longer. Have a great night, and don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour at 2:00 a.m.


StephieAnne said...

Definitely talk to me before you bid again on a dog. Sydney is WONDERFUL, but many many things have been chewed up, eaten, and otherwise ruined by our beloved addition. She LOVES people, but sometimes this comes across as jumping up and never leaving you to your own space. She's due for some PETSMART obedience classes as soon as we return from California. The Whittys have a chocolate lab puppy - she is much more wild - and will easily run Mikayla over as soon as she walks in the house. Lovable, but if you have girls who are tentative about obnoxious dogs, maybe not the best breed. I think a dog would be a wonderful addition to your family though!!!

Steph - can't wait for CA either - and I had no idea of the scarring bowling experience you've previously had. We need to have some private bowling sessions to move past that.......