Sunday, March 26, 2006

27 Hours

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I'm saving my tribute of you for Mother's Day - so don't stop reading.....

Second of all, the cord that connects my camera to my computer might still be in room 336 at the hotel. Bummer, I'll have to call on that tomorrow and perhaps cart two kids to Circuit City to find a replacement. We got lots of fun pictures, so I'll add them when I'm able.

Now, to the point of the title - What a fabulous thing 27 hours can do for our family! It was a very quick trip, with little expectation, but one in which we just kept repeating how much fun we were all having. YEAH!!!

Here's a few highlights:

- Swimming in the pool and a 30 second introduction to what a sauna feels like
- Dancing as a family to the ending credits of "Pure Country" (a movie I love and John had forgotten all about, so it worked perfect to watch again)
- Falling asleep to "Chicken Little"
- Watching Brayden play in the waves on the beach
- Standing beneath sharks and "bat rays" in the "Passages of the Deep" exhibit at the aquarium - SO COOL!
- Scoring big-time at the outlet malls

It was only 27 hours (including drive-time) that we were gone, but it was a week's worth of bonding time and therapy. Thank you, Lord!

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