Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Praises for the Week

Here's what I'm thanking God for this week:

- waking up to a house that is 71 degrees (you just don't take that for granted)
- that Amy's father's heart attack on Sunday was not fatal, and hopefully he'll get the care he needs now to prevent another heart attack or stroke
- that I get to pick up my sister and her family today which makes the weekend feel like it's already here....
- that my son's attitude has done a 180 from last week, in contrast to a self-absorbed boy last week, he's been very fun this week
- that I wake up every morning happy to be spending a day with my daughter. I don't take her easy going, calm, fun nature for granted.....
- that my husband is so amazing, he reminds me every day of that
- for a fun weekend coming up filled with a "no-kids-some-of-my-favorite-adults" trip to Grease at Actors Cabaret on Friday night, and a lunch at Marie Calendars with just the girls on Saturday for Steph

That's it of the immediate thoughts coming to mind- Have a great rest of the week!

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StephieAnne said...

Let me add to that-
- the smell of spring with flowering plum blossoms dancing in the air
- the resistance of winter with fat snowflakes falling and covering the ground white