Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snow Day

Thursday was a rough day for Brayden. He had been staying up late through the week and had been doing remarkably well (especially in contrast to the previous week's Brayden - thank you GOD!), but finally just hit the wall when he came home. He was upset about everything, crying about life being not fair, boring, and that he never gets anything or does anything fun. He expressed that he doubted if he'd ever stop crying. It was hard to see.

So, for the sake of my son, I found myself praying very hard that enough snow would fall that miraculously school would be cancelled on Friday. That way, he could sleep in and play all day with his cousins. Throughout the night, my sleep was restless. I found myself in my dreams, back in my parents' house, looking out our bedroom window there, and awaiting the morning news announcements that school would be cancelled. Upon waking up, I checked outside - and while there was a little snow on the ground, it certainly didn't merit cancellation. Finally, I fell back asleep and woke again at 6 - to find the ground covered in a blanket of white. That was only half the battle, however, the superintendant would need to agree that the inch or so of snow inded proved to be hazardous enough to cancel school (I have my own theory on this - it involves the fact that the snow fell on a Friday, a snow day hasn't been announced in years, and that the likelihood of using up another snow day in the middle of March would be VERY unlikely) - I flipped on the tv, the announcer began talking and then streaming on the bottom of the broadcast was the bold declaration that our school district had canceled school. I waited for the name and announcement to be repeated two more times before I took it as reality (it did seem a little too good to be true.....) and then woke up Michele to share with someone the great news.

Nearly two hours later, Brayden crawled into my bed elated - knowing already what had happened. It was a wonderful, priceless few minutes. I thank you for that, God! I posted a few pics of how the kids spend the day.....

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