Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

(I don't know if you remember the picture taken of those little green sprouts coming from the ground surprising me, but here they are now, obviously a little worn out from kids stepping on them as they were coming up....)

So, today is the first full day of spring. It may not look and feel like it, but it's here. I smell it, especially when the smell isn't covered with water, and that is a glorious thing.

In lieu of "A Couple of Questions" this week, I am asking you to share with me things that make spring special for you. It could be traditions, memories, unique celebrations or activities, or things that you just especially enjoy about this time of year. I confess, while I'm glad to be in March vs. January - I still find myself looking at spring like a waiting room, anticipating summer. I want to embrace it a little more and need your help. Thanks!


LiteraryGirl said...

Good question, I too would like some suggestions. I am really good at Fall and Winter, or at least I have ideas, and although I don't love Summer, it is easy to enjoy. (Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Lemonade, bbq's and grilling every night, swimming, etc.) But Spring? Not so good at that one. I think of flowers, daffodils especially. Teas. Starting to get back outside. A little more sunshine. But I don't have any specific recipes or decorations or Spring feeling stuff.

I do love Easter. One of my favorite days. Growing up I always got a new Easter dress. I still kinda think I need one every year, but I don't remember the last time I actually bought one. Maybe this will the year! Sadly, I have no other spring memories.

Oh, I did read last week that there is a daffodil festival this next weekend somewhere in Oregon. That would be a fun activity.

Colie said...

Oh Spring is glorious! I actually love seasons altogether ... Spring is the beginning, it's new life. The buds coming, the cherry blossoms, the daffodil's, the tullips, the beginning of wonder. I love puddle stomping in the spring, making May baskets on May 1 and bringing flowers to the neighbors (maybe not so much now but I sometimes still do), Easter is family time and I love that - decorating eggs and having hunts. So many wonderful people were born in the spring that we get to celebrate: Caleb, Traig, Nati, Michael, my sister Ang, Ellie is borderline summer, my sister-in-law Joni ... the list goes on.

You get to think about all the flowers in your garden but still have an excuse to sit inside and read. Occassionally there will be days to go to the park and have a spring picnic. Celebrating mother's day (this will be my first). Hanging flower baskets --- wow ... I just love spring.

Hope this helps. It is not specific activities but it's a new perspective.

Oh ... literarygirl - buy the dress! It's tradition:-).

stephietoo said...

I will get back to the intent of this post later, but just wanted to let Literarygirl know that the Daffodil Festival was last Saturday and Sunday (March 18 and 19) at the Long Tom Grange in Junction City. It is a yearly event in JC. Have a great day everyone!

HollieHobbie said...

detailing the car. wshing windows. putting away the heavy sweaters. looking at swimsuits. turning the heat down. longer daylight. thinking about landscaping. playing in the park. Easter. green. pre-empt to summer.

stephietoo said...

Spring is special to me because that is the time of year Travis and I got married (yes, a few days before spring actually starts, but still that time of year.) The one thing I love about spring is that people mow their lawns more and more, and I absolutely love the smell of feshly cut grass. I also love the smell of a fresh warm spring rain. Those warm nights, perfect to take a walk in. The fact that Bogey can actually go outside and play without getting soaking wet and completely muddy and freezing his little hoohas off. Yes, I love spring.... Not too hot, yet not too cold either; it's just right!

StephieAnne said...

I love some of the passion towards this season that you all are expressing. It's giving me ideas - thank you! I think of lots of lawns being mowed, the smells of blossoms in the air - and capris..... I think so much of my attitude depends on if the weather. It still doesn't feel very springy - but, Michele suggested next week looks better!