Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hundred Marshmallow Snowman

I had my first "mom" experience in helping your child create a school project that you want to end up looking 'cool'. His assignment was to put together one hundred of something to honor the hundredth day of school. So, Supermom decided she should come up with the idea, purchase all of the necessary products, and allow her son to just count the marshmallows. (Yes, I'm a former teacher who despised parents enabling their children.....another lesson in judging!). We did have a good time puting the project together, together- and I helped him carefully take it to school.

When he came home, I was so excited to hear what his teacher thought of the project. This was his response:
"Uh, mom (speaking very quietly and timidly), I did something that I don't think is going to make you very happy. Some of the marshmallows fell off and me and some other kids ate them"

"Aahhh! Brayden, it's a project about 100 of something - that's the whole point! Tomorrow, I'll send you to school with some glue and more marshmallows and you have to promise me that you will glue them on your project"

He agreed, and sure enough, did his duty (all by himself, imagine that!) by gluing the necessary marshmallows on. (He later told me, it was only two that they ate.) The next day, he brought it home and set it on the trunk in the hallway. When I got home later, I discovered it looked just a little different than the last time I saw it. Apparently, Sydney likes the taste of marshmallows!!! I think that was a very fitting end to the project Mommy built.

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HollieHobbie said...

HAHA! This is sooooo cute. I am LOL!!! Brayden, you are too funny, little buddy. I love that he ate them. That is so funny.
Oh by the way, you two, great creative project. I would've sent Emma to school with 100 intertwined thumbtacks or something.