Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I started my day off driving to meet Michele halfway between our two homes. About halfway to that destination, we pulled over to let Mikayla go potty. All of a sudden, I wasn't feeling too hot myself - one of those rare times in my life that I wasn't sure if I was going to stay conscious. And, then you start to weigh your options - 1) take a nap at a gas station with my 4 year old daughter locked in the car? 2) wait to have John meet me and leave a car 45 minutes a way? 3) proceed with plans to meet with Michele? (I quickly dismissed that idea....) or 4) call my doctor, see if I can get in - and drive very carefully back home?.....

As I've been sick all week, I was suspecting things had maybe escalated to walking pneumonia, which would explain why I didn't feel like I was getting enough oxygen - hence the lightheadedness. However, with the help of Advil taken a couple hours before I had chosen to wake up, I didn't feel that bad at all hitting the highway. But, lately 9 am has been necessary nap time, and as it didn't happen, my body was declaring mutiny. The drive back was a little scary, I chose to follow a semi going 60 in the right lane the whole way back. Just prior to entering town, my doctor called me back and said she'd fit me in in a half hour. I ended up driving straight there and spent part of my wait with the seat reclined trying to get a little shut-eye in.

So, long story short - no pnuemonia (I've never dealt with that before, so it's nice I'm not dealing with it now), but I do have some fun white junk on the back of my throat, a nice sinus infection, conjunctivitis in both eyes, and am about a day away from having bronchitis. Good to know it's not all in my head! The thing about this round with a bug is how completely fatiguing it is. It's as if your body just declares MANDATORY time-outs - and if you don't comply, you are in bad shape. Michele ended up coming down to do our exchange of stuff and visit and I spent the majority of the time asleep on the couch. During the second nap, Michele talked to me as I was trying to wake up in my dream - I heard her, gave her a thumbs up, but could not get my body to open my eyes or talk. She said it was wild watching my eyes move, mimicking expressions of trying to open them, but never succeeding. During another post, I would perhaps follow that up with a deep thought parallel of how that relates to another part of life, but it's not coming now.

I am on Amoxicillan, and as of 11:30 tomorrow should no longer be contagious so don't worry. Glad this hit now and not during spring break with both kids requiring entertainment - and not during our 4 day get-away the following weekend to Palm Springs. Oh, doesn't that 85 degrees sound dreamy right now......

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HollieHobbie said...

I've been wondering why I haven't gotten sick yet this year.....because I am always resting! I am suspecting as life is getting busier that the "bug" will get to me too.
I am so sorry that you are sick, Steph.