Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Game of Life

Michele and I have used a saying for quite some time to descibe days of financial misfortune or fortune - "landing on a good/bad square in the game of life". Yesterday, we landed on a good square in the game of life. The local Apple store called up John to let him know that my computer was ready. We didn't know what that meant, how much it cost, but he went to pick it up anyway. A half hour later he called up and said my computer was completely fixed - all contents intact and even the monitor was fixed (it had been injured in its "framing" from the kids while we were in Disneyland last year). The cost - $0. Oh happy day! So, I'm a happy camper, with my computer back - and bracing for the bad days in the game of Life in which the money could go the other direction (like for the heating system that had to be repaired last week....).

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