Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bullwinkles Family Fun Center

It's the third year in a row that we've upheld this tradition, to head to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center in Wilsonville on the Sunday evening following "Sons of Thunder". This year, Travis and Stephanie were finally able to join us (including the Schillings and Meyers) - a good thing as that Sunday was his birthday. As I've described in my previous post, I wasn't able to join in, but thankfully that didn't stop the rest of the crew from having a blast (and yes, forced Stephie's hand in participating with Mikayla when she probably wouldn't have otherwise....all part of our evil master plan Stephie - hee hee!)

First up - Bumper boats! With the thermometer reading 88 degrees, it was a great thing indeed to get sprayed with water....I love all of the expressions John was able to capture!

The Go-Carts were the big appeal this year, probably due in part to Travis' enthusiasm towards them. Brayden did eventually get to drive his own, but was also stopped a couple of times because he didn't quite reach the acceptable height....grrr.....

I think Amy was also able to capture a lot of the fun on her camera, so there's probably more pictures to come. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure there that I'll be able to participate in! (And, btw, I'm feeling MUCH better - I actually feel like I'm among the land of the living again - PRAISE GOD!!!)

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