Sunday, July 03, 2011

"Transformers 3" and PF Chang's

My first experience with the "Transformers" movie franchise came by chance, when one of Brayden's buddies asked if he could take the group of boys that were attending a soccer camp with him to that movie - as he had never really done an activity for his birthday and this would be it. I love this kid (Jack) - and his mom, Kristin even more - so I offered to go with her to help keep these eight or so eight year olds in line. I learned three things that day:

1) Going to an action movie with Kristin did not disappoint, love her. But, with that being said, I was glad she was the "responsible mom" that initiated the outing and not me. Because....

2) there was some very uncomfortable "coming of age" dialogue among "Sam's" family in the middle of the movie that literally had Kristin and I sinking into our seats, mortified that these boys were listening and hoping beyond hope that the content was flying way over their heads.

3) That being said, I surprisingly really enjoyed the movie - so much more so than I had anticipated with only the 1980's cartoon jingle in my mind going into it..."Transformers, more than meets the eye - Transformers, robots in disguise"

So began our attachment to this movie series (along with the rest of the family including the Whites who all ended up seeing it with me when I repeated watching the movie on my birthday that year).

These days, our boys have (sadly) heard and been exposed to way worse content than what is in this movie in the halls of their middle schools, so it was not a concern to have them in attendance.

They loved it, I loved it. In fact, while I try to keep my blog ranting at a minimum, I'm really getting irritated with the critics absolutely bashing on movies I enjoy. There needs to be a whole different "critique" system with summer/action/blockbuster/adventure movies - because they are not designed to win academy awards - they are designed to entertain - to keep movie-goers on the edge of their seats. This one did that for me - despite it earning one star.... (And, don't even get me started on the critic's views on "Green Lantern" or last summer's "Knight and Day" or "Salt"....if it weren't for said critics, I might have a chance to view some of these in sequels, but at this point - probably not....grrrr!)

I will say, the movie is long. Go to the bathroom before going into the theater. But, man on man, the special effects - woah - the combination of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg truly make you believe that Transformers exist. (Gotta say, though, while I'm glad the "leading lady" from the first two of the franchise was let go....not really sure what inspired them to pick this one...well, I do know....but, had it been left to me, I would have picked the actress based on different "qualifications" if you know what I mean....)

Alright - enough on that fun experience that took place with the Schillings and Whites and us - later on in the evening we re-convened at PF Chang's - taking advantage of some gift certificates and the opportunity to have a "July Birthday Dinner" - as Michele and I's - as well as Travis' birthdays will land on days that the whole group can't get together.

Do you see that blue sky? I did not enhance this picture at all - it was a PERFECT weather really does prove that Oregon basically waits until July to get it's summer weather act together. Highs in the 80' with a perfect breeze, deep blue sky with not a cloud around. (And we in Oregon don't even grasp the concept of humidity) Ahhhhh!

Onto many pics of the folks we dined with - we were seated outside on the patio which gave access to the fountain in front of the restaurant. It certainly worked as a good kid diversion for us. =)

These two were especially chummy last night - our "Double Trouble" pair. Nati is officially taller than Brayden despite being a year behind him in age - we're holding on to hope that someday he'll flip it back his way!

While I think Steph liked the other picture better - I liked this one because you could see the kids playing in the background while they I just think they look great in it!

The July birthday trio...

Finally, it should come as no surprise to you that I take no stock in the reliability of "Fortune Cookies" (but I sure like to eat 'em!). However, this fortune (that was actually in Mikayla's) pretty much summed up both her - and our whole family (Whites included).....

Deeply attached indeed....

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