Saturday, July 23, 2011

BJ's Birthday Dinner

Earlier in the year, when visiting BJ's for Stephanie White's "Tuesday Night Ladies'", I decided that was the place I wanted to go for my birthday. There were too many really yummy things on the menu that I wanted to eat without guilt. So, we chose to pick this place to go with Mom and Dad and the girls in honor of our birthday. (Our guys are still at their weekend retreat having the time of their lives!)

We spent the mid part of the day enjoying the 80 degree temps (Hallelujah!) at the pool, and perhaps because of getting overheated, Natalia came home with a headache and ended up so sick she threw up. Poor thing, but she recovered quickly after getting that out of her system, so we set off as planned. This might explain why she looks a little reserved in this picture outside of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant - yes, Michele and I are wearing the same sweaters, and both ended up wearing our hair curly.

It took about a dozen tries to get Mom from not squinting....

After we ordered, Nati started turning green again. Poor thing! Michele ended up driving her home, while we waited for our order, which we turned into "To Go". Good idea Mom and Dad... So, as Nati convalesced on the couch, we all enjoyed our DELICIOUS BJ's meal al fresco on our patio. So yummmmmmmmmy!

You have to love this picture of Dad showing off his new Droid phone that is linked up to his Kindle. So, here you have Michele, 25 years younger, whose cell phone is circa 2005, does not own a Kindle, and is not a member of Facebook - all things my dad has or is. We're gonna get there soon with Michele, between the idea of Michele having whatever book she desires at her constant disposal on her phone and the plethora of Facebook "Happy Birthdays" I received yesterday - she's very close to making it all happen. =)

Another great picture of Mom and Dad who treated us to a wonderful birthday evening! Thanks Mom and Dad for this time together and a lifetime of your unconditional love and support!!!!

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Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you enjoyed it fully! I know God will continue blessing you!