Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stare Down

Today's been a pretty kick-back day. The kids all decided that it wasn't necessary to have another long bike ride today, so outside of a trip to the park, we pretty much hung out all day.

This evening, Michele joined me on my evening walk with Sydney. These signs are all around the miles and miles of walking/biking paths throughout Sunriver - they are great to give you a general idea of where you are going, but not necessarily how long it might take to get you there. =) This evening (as with the other evenings so far) we headed to the river.

Soon after we began our walk, we encountered this trio of deer. I was curious what Sydney would do - she was pretty calm - and so were they, but eventually they spooked and bounded a safe distance away.

We came across this one at the "turn-around" point of our walk - we were so close to her - and her and Syd were having quite the stare-down. At one point, the way the doe's ears were laid flat and the hair on her hind was standing on end, I was wondering if she was going to charge our dog. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

And, a few parting shots of the river - the scenery around here is absolutely spectacular.

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