Friday, July 22, 2011

Because It's My Birthday...

  • I had an amazing 90 minute massage while Michele had a foot massage and pedicure at Bello
  • We got lots of free stuff to eat at Red Robin and made sure none of it went to waste (it was our server's birthday too, so we had to get a picture with her as well!)

  • Calories don't count (of course)
  • I took a couple of naps out in the sunshine (thank you for finally showing up!) while working on the tan
  • A present was sitting on my doorstep when I went to get the paper this morning (Thank you Nancy!)
  • Flowers were delivered to me before I left for Bello (Thank you Kaela - and the are so amazing)!
  • Another card was delivered to my door while I was basking in the sun (Thank you Steph H.)
  • My phone got some extra use from special texts and calls
  • The mail had something more to offer than just bills (Thank you Leona!)
  • Facebook is my favorite for this day....(if just for the birthday wishes alone, signing up is worth it!!)
  • I'm very, very happy.
Despite the fact that John* and Brayden aren't here today (they are at Sons of Thunder - the annual Father-Son Retreat which is literally the highlight of the whole summer for them, if not the whole year...) - Michele is here along with her girls (her guys are gone to the same retreat too).

And, the great thing about having a twin is getting to share in the accolades and indulgence, as it's a little outside my comfort zone to be too much the center of attention. Today has been really ideal in that it is wrapped up with some of my very favorite things, with absolutely no demands for doing anything I don't want to do. In fact, I'm already in my sweats for the evening, so excited to "Party It Up" by watching DVR'd shows on the couch, Michele on the other one, while reading away. Meanwhile, the girls will be happily doing what they do best - whether that's turning my bedroom into a zoo of Webkinz, playing Toy Story 3 on the PS3 or jumping on the trampoline.

So, it's been a WONDERFUL day - and truly, it's hard to imagine living a more blessed life.

* I wanted to point out that John did indeed acknowledge my birthday and gave me lots of attention before leaving last night. The card he picked out for me is one of my all time favorites...

P.S. - A little extra add-on.... As us moms were busy consuming our birthday KFC meal, Mikayla and Nati came in with candles put in the "bonus" chocolate chip cake that came with the deal. How sweet of them to find some candles on their own and sneakily bring this in to us. =)


PaisleyJade said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Tiffany said...

Steph...I have been without internet for over 24 hours now! I'm SO SORRY I missed telling you Happy Birthday!!:( I can see that it was super special, anyway. So, happy belated Birthday!!!!!