Thursday, July 07, 2011

Adam's Birthday at the Dallas Drive-In

The July fun continues - this time happening up in Dallas. Lisa's son, Adam, has a birthday in July, so we chose this week (due to everyone's busy summer schedules) to honor him by all going to see "Cars 2" at the local drive in.

As is our custom, we got there plenty early to find our spot and just hang out. It was great having the four of us gals all together - and letting the kids do their own thing until the show started. I'm telling you, I love my van and how it so completely opens up in the back (and even someone less mechanically skilled like me can make it happen). Throw a semi-inflated air mattress in there and you've got a very cozy den. Due to my ongoing neck issues*, I opted for a repeat of the Florence fireworks viewing on the anti-gravity chairs. It was a good choice, so good, in fact, that I didn't even make it through to the end of the movie - and, as for a third viewing of "Green Lantern" (the second of the double feature), well, as much as I enjoyed it....sleep was of higher priority at midnight....

These were taken a few minutes ago in the backyard at Michele's house. Launching water balloons, woo hoooooo!

* I had quite the pity party on the way out to get worked on by Mom yesterday as it felt like a sinus infection had been thrown into the mix too.... Blessedly, Mom was able to really help the situation. I can't imagine the ongoing pity party I'd be throwing about life in general if it weren't for her helping me....

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