Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brose's Wedding

Oh that obligatory picture of us as a couple attending a wedding. I guess we have to take advantage of these ideal backdrop settings that the bride and groom choose for their locale.

And Kaela, how I love you and our joint love (aka obsession!) of recording our memories in pictures - I'm sure you noticed that I switched out our "couples" shot of the one you took vs. the one on our camera - I like yours better (along with a couple other wedding shots too!)

Here's the deal - if you live in Oregon, an outdoor wedding is never a sure bet of not getting rained out. But, you can tweak the odds a bit by picking July, August, or September - and picking a location in Central Oregon where it rains much less. But, as evidenced by Friday night, even that is not a guarantee. It POURED en route to the wedding. However, after arriving, the rain cleared away for a bit giving us all reason to believe that the show could go on as planned in the beautiful outdoor set-up. So, we found our seats and the ceremony began.

I love this picture of Aaron (the groom) and his mom. I hope and pray that the day that Brayden escorts me down the aisle I would be able to look at him with such delight, pride, and joy as Aaron's mother is looking at him.

A shot of the tulle along the seating - evidence of everything being drenched.

Both fathers took turns conducting the different aspects of the ceremony. Aaron and his bride, Christina, have quite the back story. His family and her family met while serving as missionaries in Rwanda - and ended up actually building a vacation cabin together for their families to share on a lake in Kenya. Aaron's family has three boys and Christina's family has three girls. All close to the same age as each other. Aaron's older brother, Andrew, married Christina's older sister, Rachel, last year. Now it's Aaron and Christina's turn. As for the last youngest set of siblings, it's been declared there's no "love connection", but man, that's a whole lot of pressure to avoid!

Within ten minutes of the wedding beginning, the rain returned - so it was decided to move the chairs into the "Aspen Hall" that had already been prepared beautifully for the reception. Kudos to this couple for having a very good "Plan B" in place that worked just perfectly.

A special moment of prayer at the end of the ceremony between both sets of mothers and fathers.

The big kiss-

The colors of this wedding were all very vibrant with an African flair. While it would never be colors I would have put together, the whole effect was so whimsical and gorgeous.

Aaron is a person that loves to be the life of the party and is embraced by everyone around him. He's very "lovable" - and has been a huge part of the joy for particularly John (not to mention our entire family) of college ministry. All of the folks in this picture have now graduated and represent the "original class" that we first bonded with. It's clear that Aaron has been a special part of a lot of people's lives. (And, just to clarify - the person giving Aaron a "kiss" is actually a guy, Scott - who wears his hair a bit longer - when I looked closer at the picture I thought I'd throw that tidbit in....)

Happy married life Aaron and Christina!

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Tiffany said...

I saw these pictures on FB and thought 'how awesome.' The bridesmaid dresses and wedding cake colors are super cute and fun!!!:)

Love the picture of you and John!