Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Pythons, Alligators, and Gila Monsters, Oh My!"

Where Michele lives, they have weekly guests that come on Wednesdays to their city park. This last Wednesday, the line-up included "The Reptile Guy". On a whim, I used it as an excuse to head up to Michele's with the kids (along with a fun mid-school event for Brayden to attend with Traig that evening). We didn't really know what to expect, but actually it was surprisingly very entertaining (not to mention informative).

First of all, a ton of kids showed up, so we had to kind of sneak into spots and I was glad the conditions were good for my "Point and Shoot" to be able to zoom in. He brought out a ton of snakes and unless they were poisonous or had a nasty disposition, he allowed kids to hold them (or let the snake drape around them). There was never a shortage of volunteers.

He also brought out different lizards - including these guys:

And then, this very aggressive snapping tortoise - doesn't he look mean? There were no volunteers brought up to touch this guy!

I'm pretty sure this is a King Cobra:

And then, an American Alligator - which was the best part of the presentation when he set the guy up vertical and he appeared to "faint"....

A Green Mamba:

I think this is a very long python...

And finally, the Albino Burmese Python. For this, he asked for seven volunteers to help support its 45 pounds of weight. Sure enough, Brayden got asked to come forward (there's something about him and John - they always find a way to get picked in situations like this...). Eventually, as some of the "seven" opted to leave because of the very, very long line of kids that wanted to come by and touch it, Traig, Nati, and finally Mikayla were able to step in and hold the giant snake as well. It was really sweet listening to Brayden pull out his "Phineas"-the-counselor alter-ego and encourage the kids to touch the snake letting them know it wasn't scary or slimy. I love that boy!

Finally, another one of the petting attractions was this old tortoise. It was so cute watching him chomp away on the grass.

All in all, a noon hour well spent! You gotta love free events in the park!

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