Monday, July 04, 2011

Lighting Up the Night Sky on the Third of July

As twilight descended, preparations began for the fireworks extravaganza. This year, the display would be put on by Traig and Brayden and they really did an excellent job. John did a superb job too, capturing the essence of this once-a-year celebration.

On top of the container of fireworks we purchased from Costco, John and Mark (who's family couldn't make the celebration as they were hanging with his side of their family) picked out a couple of "finale" pieces from a local fireworks stand. This first one was called "The Haunted House" and before it finished doing it's thing, it lit up the windows in the house....really cool.

And, this last one, "The Tailgater" was a very impressive finale display - the best we've ever had. Nothing like the illegal ones that shoot into the air, but pretty cool for us.

For the second year in a row, Travis and Stephanie have supplied the sparklers for the "post-show" with the kids. They bought tons of them and the kids were so delighted. Way to go, Whites!

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kleephotos said...

These pics are great Steph!! Looks like I'm here till Friday now...btw.