Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Benham Falls Bike Ride

Have I made it clear yet that I'm having the time of my life so far on this vacation? I'm truly trying to not take a moment for granted - soaking in the blue skies, hot tub, my Jenny B. Jones book series, family time, amazing food, and opportunity to exercise in such a way that I'm thrilled to do it.

In all the times that we've been to Sunriver, we've never made it to Benham Falls. That's kind of odd as access to the falls actually begins here in Sunriver and we all know I love hiking - especially when a waterfall is the focal point. So, I asked if we could make that our biking destination today and everyone was game. Fortunately for us, we were able to take our bikes all the way to the falls - only needing to get off to walk to the viewpoint.

This meant that we got to do a little "dirt biking" - literally. I was so proud of our gang and what they accomplished today. When all was said and done, they had traveled over 12 miles and we were at it for over two hours. Mikayla was the littlest one managing her own bike and that gal rode with heart, particularly at the end of the ride when the uphill climbs were about to do her in (Ellie, while "almost there" in riding her bike on her own, wisely opted for the Tag-a-long behind her mom) - .

This is just up the trail from "the falls" (which, compared to many other famous falls in Oregon weren't all that impressive - but made for a great destination point leading us on a fantastic journey).

Gotta love the friendly wildlife - and if you look closely at the following pic of the actual falls, you'll see another chipmunk posing on the rock in the foreground.

John gets SO MANY comments about his bike. He loves it, but finds with only the single gear it isn't exactly created for mountain climbing. However, coasting down the hill - oh yeah!!!!

As if all of the bike riding wasn't enough, the kids requested a stop at Fort Rock Park on the way home. The boys rode a little bit ahead and this is how we found them posed when we arrived.

And, on the way home, this little gal looked up to say "Hi" as I snapped her picture.

I think that's the run down for today. In a moment I'm going to get off the couch and go embrace the outdoors again to take my evening walk with just Sydney. It gives me the quiet opportunity to thank God for this amazing life I get to live. =)

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