Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sons of Thunder 2011

"Sons of Thunder" finally arrived - you should have seen the grin on Brayden's face before he and John departed. They took off Thursday evening, as is the tradition, with Dave and Logan to spend an extra night on the campgrounds.

Also a tradition the next morning is heading to Lorene's Cafe for a true greasy spoon breakfast. Sadly, they closed down, but they were able to track down one of the cook's new locale - serving much the same quality "clog-your-arteries" goodness.

Following that, the guys went to check out a used bookstore in the building that used to be a bank - hence the boys posing before the vault.

Back to Camp Tadmor - ready to begin some ropes course fun - by then Mark, Andrew, and newcomer Jackson (every picture has him in permagrin...he's so happy to finally be part of the crew!!!), and Michael and Traig join our mix:

The next morning, Traig won an award for his age division for well as a new pole. This guy helped out a bit in him achieving that.

On to the group hike - love this picture as well as the one following of Mark and his boys:

And then, some fun challenges - not so sure what the point was, but they look like they were having fun!

This is the "Affirmation Stage" in which each boy stood on the stage and the dad spoke words of affirmation and how he is "well pleased" with his son - just seeing the pics made me nearly tear up:

Michael - at his finest:

The hairnet is supposed to go over just the hair Brayden....maybe there were mosquitoes he was trying to protect himself from:

And some very fitting final shots on Sunday morning. The boys are all sad that last year will be their final one....oh, "Sons of Thunder" how good you've been to my guys!

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