Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well, It Is Wednesday Afterall!

For several years, the Whites and us have indulged the four-legged members of our family in "Wednesday" playdates. Folks think that's pretty crazy, but that's just what we do for them. Travis or Stephanie will drop Bogey off around 8:30 and then pick him up around 4:30 on their way to and from work. It's nice to know Sydney gets a little more exercise on those days, though we've learned to really protect that one patch of grass they dig at on each Wednesday, as if there's a chance they can get to it - they will.

My mom and dad used to have a dog named Scotty that knew the days of the week. I was astounded when Dad would tell the story of Scotty knowing that Monday through Friday it was necessary for him to stay home with my mom, but come Saturday or Sunday he would literally chase the truck down the street knowing that it was a weekend and therefore there was no reason for him to be left behind. Well, apparently, Bogey also has that "six-sense". In fact, the poor guy was so confused during the week of Fourth of July as I think he recognizes the timing as the third day after his "parents" go to work - so he was all messed up - excited on the wrong day given the Monday holiday. Yes, on Wednesdays, and Wednesdays alone, Bogey is insistent that he is not to be put outside, but rather is awake and ready to hop in the car to go see "His Girl". (And, yes, they have that special relationship - they are within months of each other in age and have been together since puppies....they really are best doggy buddies).

Well, last week we were in Sunriver, so that was all messed up. And, then, yesterday I had told the Whites to keep Bogey home as I would be taking the kids up to Dallas for an event with Michele's kids. Without me around all day to supervise, I kind of feared for the welfare of my water-logged yard. (It is SUMMER, Oregon, let's see proof of it!).

John then called halfway through the day and asked if he should check on Sydney during his lunch. As I told him she was outside and "good to go", there was no need for him to go see her, but he opted to anyway.

So, imagine his surprise when he pulls up to find BOGEY sitting on our doorstep! His automatic conclusion was that since it was Wednesday, Bogey had been dropped off, but somehow found a way out of our enclosed backyard. He checked every nook and cranny, but could not find any route for escape. He then called Travis to let him know what had happened, to which Travis shared with John that he had followed my directions and had never taken Bogey over (neither had Steph). That little guy had apparently found a moment when the guys who take care of the White's yard once a week had their heads turned, escaped from their enclosed back yard, and then proceeded the block and a half down the rather busy street that separates our two houses. (As a crow flies, we are very close, but based on the pavement path, it's about 5 minutes).

Is that CRAZY or what?! In Bogey's mind, IT WAS WEDNESDAY - and Wednesday means the Riley's house and his beloved, Sydney - and if Travis and Steph weren't going to get him there, it was up to him to take matters in his own paw. =) As Steph said when telling me the story earlier, she has the absolute smartest stupid dog she knows!

So, lesson learned - don't mess with Bogey's schedule - and heaven help the one who stands between him and his beloved....

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stephietoo said...

I LOVE how you described what happened. I totally laugh about it now, but DANG, that is a really busy street that he has to walk down and he had to cross two streets (granted not as busy) just to get to your front porch. I don't even want to think about what would have happened to him if he tried to cross Crescent; or if his nose got the better of him and he took off after a smell, a cat, another dog, or even kids..... But, nooooo, he really did have an agenda and that was to get to his 'best girl's' house and wait for someone to let him in. Stupid, Smart dog! Man I love him. Now, you do know that you are not allowed to go anywhere on Wednesdays anymore, right? :o) Love you guys!