Friday, May 02, 2008

Fantastic Friday

After my particularly whiny previous post, I'm pleased to come to you with a much different perspective. I feel like I'm finally semi-caught up with things, so the day was devoted to some of the better things in life. Such as:

- A delightful trip to Johnson Brothers Nursery for my annual purchase of a hanging basket. I thought Mikayla and I picked a good one:

- While there, we watched swallows make nests in the birdhouses for sale. It was one of those special moments with Mikayla watching a mommy and daddy swallow carrying their little nest supplies..... I wonder if the swallows come with the birdhouse if you were to purchase it.....

- Watching "Darcy's Wild Life" on DiscoveryKids and finding a new alternative to "Dora the Explorer" or "Little Bear". I'm all about these kind of tweener shows....

- Planting some more plants along the waterfall (John spent all weekend powerwashing the driveway, which took a toll along the blue-flowered moss next to the cement) and having Mikayla take care of planting some new strawberry plants.

- Learning some interesting facts from Mikayla. Apparently, a cow can go upstairs, but is not able to walk downstairs. And, did you know, that if you say "Pig" before you go fishing in Ireland, it's bad luck? And, apparently, Nati's grandma (Florene) has a wildlife book that says the number of spots on a ladybug indicate its age (I always thought that was a wives' tale, but, hey, if the book says so.....)

- Chatting with Jodi on the phone about potential vacations and a myriad of other trivia while doing my planting.

Tonight we hit the Gilham Carnival where I will be volunteering for the "Cakewalk". My goal is to walk away with the Lofthouse Sugar Cookies that we will bringing to the carnival..... =)

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