Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Riley Women's Club

At the end of our very enjoyable dinner with Leona at Red Robin this evening, Leona said she had something for me. She had seen it at an auction and couldn't resist. I thought it was delightful as well, so Mikayla and I posed with it amidst the plethora of little blue flowers surrounding our waterfall.

Thanks, Leona - we love it!


JustMe said...

Well - you can't get much more "Riley" than that! It *almost* beats my snapshot of Harwood St. in Pendleton, haha.

Stephietoo said...

That's pretty cool! Leave it to Leona to find something like that. Way-to-go Leona! Glad you guys had a good time last night. Love ya, Stephie

HollieHobbie said...

That is awesome!