Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Official" Home of the Ducks

Yes, indeed, I do believe it can now be said that we are the "official home of the ducks".

Meet "Bernard and Beatrice" (those are my unofficial names, there hasn't been a family vote or anything). These two mallard ducks first appeared sitting in our front lawns yesterday morning. I was shocked when I walked out the door and saw them. We live near some "city lakes" where there are lots of waterfowl, but not in anyway close where they'd just go from there and hang out here. But, that didn't stop these two. They chose OUR HOUSE to hang out and I couldn't be giddier! I was late helping in Brayden's class as I was determined to get some great pictures. I didn't need to worry.

Because, even as I drove off and they walked away, later yesterday afternoon, they came back (home...)! And ended up hunkering down until late in the evening. John was able to see them, the kids were able to see them - and of course, the resident photographer went a shooting.....(yes, the animal-friendly kind of shooting).

Speaking of animal-friendly, my only main concern is that a couple of weeks ago I poured too much algae cleaner in our waterfall and it is still sporting the bubbles created from that chemical. As the ducks are doing a little drinking from there, I hope we aren't making them sick. I'm trying to make up for it by feeding them a half loaf of bread......

I'll keep you posted if they come back today. If not, it was a treasure to host our guests - even for a day. I love wildlife and to see this male and female, hanging together, him always in a position of protecting her - it is absolutely priceless. (btw, just for reference, in birds and a lot of wildlife, the male is most often the flashier/prettier coloring). Go Ducks!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are looking for a secluded nesting spot. Wouldn't it be just too cool to have baby ducks running around in your yard??

StephieAnne said...

That's what I was kind of hoping for, but they have not returned..... It was a special treat for a day, though!