Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Can't Believe It, David Won!

I sure hope this isn't a spoiler for anyone - if it is, stop reading now.

John and I had a bonding time this evening staying up and watching the American Idol finale. Because of the graduation, our timeline was roughly the same in watching it as regular west coast, except we got to speed through the commercials - and get to the point of the announcement of who won - only to have the name revealed - and then - NOTHING! The DVR had stopped recording. (I think I've mentioned this before, but we get East Coast feeds, so we're always watching shows 3 hours early). I glanced at the clock, realized it was 9:58, and wait, yes - if we flip to live TV, oh, there you go, we are now five minutes back in time and able to watch the last 15 minutes live. Confusing, I know, but I've managed to put a paragraph in here without revealing who won, so it wouldn't be accidentally viewed by unknowing readers. All's to say - we really got lucky.

OK, now I have to admit - I was surprised - and with that being said, very, very happy for David Cook. I've been rooting for him for a while. I think David Archuleta is amazing, adorable, and I am actually surprised I wasn't sold out in support of him. But, something about him already winning Star Search - and, well, I don't know - David Cook just won me over. His music isn't even my style, but he just comes across so humble, so genuine - so true to himself. And, I do think he's incredibly talented. Then, of course, there's the whole brother with brain cancer thing, and how he never used that - but, was so obviously affected by it. Somehow, the fact that this wasn't his lifetime dream, and you never got the feeling that his ultimate goal was to win the thing, just made his victory that more sublime.

As for the last ten minutes (that we nearly missed) those tears that were already surfacing for the kindergarten graduation- they came back again. So touching - especially when they panned into his brother. I also have to give "props" to Simon for an excellent pre-announcement pep talk - a rare humbling moment for him.

For our birthday, John was able to get pre-sale tickets for the American Idol tour at the Rose Garden. It will just be John, Michael, Michele and myself - and after watching tonight, gotta say, I think it will be one of my favorite presents.....

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