Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers' Day Included:

Plans were pretty wide open for Mothers' Day as we were at Michele's house, my mom was in Black Butte with her mom, and we weren't going to meet up with Leona until 5. So, this is some of what the day included:

- hugs from both of the kids (it was courteous of Brayden to pull away from the DS long enough to run upstairs and do that for me!)
- finishing the previously mentioned, very good book.....
- watching HSM2 in the backseat of John's car with Michele (with Ellie and Mikayla in the very back seats) while John drove us to Woodburn (there is just something about both of those movies that lift my spirits immediately......)
- spending hours at Woodburn Outlets - man, that place now has EVERYTHING!
- having just a bit of "buyer's remorse" but feeling like the deals I got and the joy of new clothes made it feel worthwhile
- enjoying the usual kick of trying on clothes in a cramped dressing room with my twin sister, comparing and complimenting clothing and fits, and keeping our two youngest in control.....- it's the simple joys of life......
- taking a raincheck with Leona until tonite as we just shopped for too long.....(thank you - and looking forward to catching up with you!!!)
- talking to my mom who finally figured out what has been the source for her "feeling out of allignment" and very much in pain for the last two weeks+ - she has had a dislocated shoulder! I'm so glad the mystery has been solved, the shoulder is back where it should be, and she'll be able to finally see some marked improvement. However, I'm a little bummed she can't "work on me" until June...... (it always comes back to me doesn't it?)

So, yes, it was a VERY GOOD Mothers' Day - I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the indulgence!

BTW - Thanks everyone who encouraged and commiserated with me on my Friday's post. Can't say this week will be any better, but I know I'm not alone!

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