Sunday, May 25, 2008


Not much to report here from Sunriver. Lots of doing what we planned to do - laying around, watching tv, eating, hot tub visits, kids riding bikes around the cul-de-sac, eating, a little laundry, preparing vast amounts of food yesterday, watching "27 Dresses" - and oh yeah, more eating.... (the 10 dozen cookies are already gone).

We did have a little excitement yesterday afternoon as a major thunderstorm passed through. We didn't get to witness any dramatic lightening, but saw the flashes and heard the (very loud) tell-tale rumble. And, then, the hail came. The kids ran around and played in it while John captured a little more artistic shot.

As for today, once the coconut french toast has settled in a bit for all of us, we'll probably brave the weather and attempt a group bike ride before the return of the predicted late afternoon thunderstorm. While we miss being able to sit outside and enjoy our meals on the patio - or the fun of playing baseball back at the park - there's something to be said for just staying inside and allowing everyone to chill and relax in their own way. Currently, that means Dennis, Mark, John, and Michele playing Scrabble, Lisa watching Fox News, Amy, working on her computer, Michael, currently MIA, and the kids running around with lots of giggles and enthusiasm. As for myself, I might just cuddle up on this couch for a while - and perhaps just close my eyes for a bit.......

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