Monday, May 26, 2008

Winding Down

Our Sunriver vacation is winding down. We have to check out by 11 am tomorrow, and the Meyers family left around 5 (there was a date change for this trip and they weren't able to change their work schedule). Currently, the 6 of us remaining adults are hanging out in the living room - and, believe it or not, we can't even hear the kids. They are busy doing something upstairs - continuing to have the time of their lives together.

That has been a resounding success this year - the independence and positive behavior of the kiddos. There has been no chick-drama, no arguments between the older boys, it's just been fantastic. There have also been no temper-tantrum fits. Sure, the youngest kiddos showed their age at times, but nothing over the top or inappropriate. The only thing we wished would change is the excessive mess that the ten of them create in their path - but, even that is getting better as they are now more capable of cleaning it up (as long as a parent is acting as "clean up warden").

We ran into another family at the park that we know well through our little community. He was suggesting coming over to try to get us all to play games tonight. I responded that "I Don't Do Games" (it reminds me of the HSM2 song "I Don't Dance"). This is not to say I haven't played my share of games in the past, I'm not capable, I despise having fun, or I won't ever play games - but, for the most part, a book will win out on a vacation like this. I'll let Michele play with the guys and I'll work on my blog or whatever. (This does not include video games - I can really get into those...) This friend was aghast and saw it as a challenge to change me until John interceded and basically told him it wasn't worth the effort. The big joke with John and I is that I played tons of games with him before we were dating - cards, Monopoly, Pictionary - you name it. But, once we got married, I figured I'd snagged him, and I no longer felt it necessary. =) Same with new friends or ministry events - I'm capable and generally have fun, but, like I said, am more content reading my book.

That is the great thing about this trip. Now that we've all done this for four years in a row, we've all kind of learned enough about each other to know what to expect. If you want to play games - look to Dennis, Mark, John, and Michele. If you want to go to the hot tub, Michele and I will almost always tag along. If you want meals prepared - I'm on it, but rarely will I ever load a dishwasher. Michael is very comfortable hanging out upstairs relaxing with the tv (anyone welcome to join him...), but he'll emerge with a bang as the "Kid Monster" ready to snatch up and tickle any unsuspecting victim. This year, the Saturday was spent on a bow-hunting hike in LaPine with Mark, Michael, and Andrew (next year, Traig will be included)- obviously, that's not something I'm jumping for. In essence, we all know that we've spent good money on this trip and I think this weekend has been an excellent representation of how well we've all respected each other's attempts to make the very best of having fun and relaxing in our own unique ways.

As this friend of ours recanted his tale of game-playing with another family who were also here that are actually neighbors of ours - complete with hysterics over old 8-track tapes and game-playing antics, I was happy for him that they all had such a great time - but, also, so very thankful that I was with who I was this weekend.

Now, on to some more pictures......


Colie said...

I love how you can all be together and still be yourselves! What a unique gift of friendship you have in those families. The pictures are fantastic! I love the one of all the kids in the hot tub, you and Michele - because you are wearing twinner swim suits - and the one of the kids watching a movie. Mikayla looks so grow un as she lays there with her hair back - can you say teenager:-).

Welcome home!

StephieAnne said...

Bite your tongue, Colie! Teenager and my daughter in the same sentence is a long ways away!!!!! =)

But, thanks - it was a great weekend and I think John captured it well. We are very blessed.

Colie said...

he he he:-)