Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lightheated Saturday

The kids are entertaining themselves with their cousins, and wreaking havoc on someone else's house, so that sounds like a perfect Mothers Day weekend to me. We're here at the Schillings - I'm looking forward to a spa-like bath and a good book (Heather, thinking of you and your knowledge of the French language as I read a book called KISSING ADRIEN (Siri L. Mitchell) - the continuous input of French expressions is a distraction to me, but would probably be fun for you).

I haven't posted some questions in a long time, and since my comments are at an all-time low, thought I'd throw out some not-so-deep-thought inquiries.

1. Tis the season for summer movie blockbusters. What movies will you want to see in the theaters - and are there some (based on financial strain) that you really want to see but will wait for DVD release?

2. Is there any hidden/latent/unexplored talent that if you were to do high school or college over you might want to pursue?

3. What clothing styles are really appealing to you? Is there one store that's been consistently delivering?

For the sake of my own historical recordings - I'm going to go ahead and post my answers here so they'll end up showing up in the future books I put together......

1. Movies I'd really like to see in the theater (so I'm therefore utilizing every Safeway free movie ticket gimmick they have to support it)

Movies I'd like to watch, but figure they'll either wait for the Dollar Theater or Blockbuster

2. Last night I dreamed that I was in a theater class with some folks who we're just expected to take the lead of every show. (Heather, think of a girl with initials L.C.) I honestly thought I had something I could offer (no, not in a musical, I have my limits) and it turned into an American Idol sort of thing where I was trying to impress judges. It's not the first time I've dreamed about acting or getting involved in theater - wonder if I'd have the guts - or any talent.

3. I'm liking the fun summer dresses that seem to be helpful to most figures, I like the halter tops (although they are not nice to my neck), and I LOVE the layering t-shirt look as anything long is my friend...... (Major praises that the midriff-baring trends are gone). I often find things that people comment on at Kohls - and for shoes, Ross. I'm a regular fashion Diva, I know.


HollieHobbie said...

1. If I can find the time and can get away I want to see Sex and the City. Possibly Indiana Jones and possibly Made of Honor. I don't know what else is coming out.
2. I would do better in the sports dept. I played a sport every season but never did my best; I did it mostly for social reasons.
3. I don't keep up on fashion at all. But I have always wanted to dress like a Mom from Emma's pre-school. She would wear funky t-shirts and camo jeans or jeans. I like clothes that I wear out faster than the trends wear out.

Jodi said...

I'm going to see Made of Honor this afternoon. I can't wait for Sex and the City. I also want to see What Happens in Vegas. Hancock is a probably. Oh and I can't wait for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

BTW, I read The Trophy Wives Club by Billerbeck. It was okay. Parts were funny.

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, Jodi - I started "She's All That" by Billerbeck and so far it's not thrilling me nearly as much as the Ashley Series.

Read KISSING ADRIEN this weekend by Suri Mitchell - I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm not much of a movie person (gasp! it's true!). But I have been thrilled by all the PG-13 options lately at the video store. I want to see Ben Stein's "Expelled" about how Intelligent Design-believing scientists are being pushed out of universities, etc. I recently saw "Juno" (OK) - "Lars and the Real Girl (LOVED) - and "Bella" (LOVED - and if you know my story, you'll know why I was sobbing at the end).

2. I have no talents, but would like to have been brave enough to try singing so I could learn to do it right.

3. I like the layered look, too, and the longer tshirts they're finally offering at Fashion Bug. I don't like to hold up a tshirt and see it's wider than it is long!