Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Double Dates

A long time ago, the last time we went to something at the Hult Center - we saw that they were going to host "Stomp". John made it clear that that was something he'd like to see, so I went ahead and got tickets for him (Fathers' Day gift) to go with Brayden as that seemed right up Brayden's alley.

Unfortunately, the timing wasn't ideal as it was last night. Fortunately, though, we got home early enough to get the things we needed to do done, so it wasn't too bad of a rush for John. Around 5, the boys set off for their date (it included Red Robin)- and that left me with Mikayla, wondering what to do with her that would resemble a date.

After much deliberation, we finally settled on a trip to the mall so she could JUST LOOK in the Build-a-Bear shop. I ended up caving to get her a "Lil-Kinz" - the smaller version of a Web-Kinz, the stuffed-animal objects of her obsessiveness as of late. We then proceeded to Johnny Oceans and shared onion rings, apple cider, and roasted S'mores at their outside courtyard dining area. (real nutritious, huh? - after gorging like I did this last weekend, it hardly made a dent....)

I think both couples came home feeling very good about their dates - I know I did. =)

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