Friday, May 23, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Headstone Visits, and Childhood Stories

So, obviously, based on yesterday's post- it was a very emotional morning for me. I chilled out by around 10 and I was able to compose myself. It was very encouraging for me to listen to K-LOVE and hear all of the call-ins and feel like I wasn't alone in my grief for the Chapman family.

Of course, making about 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies helped a bit too. I ate cookie dough a-plenty yesterday..... We ended up delivering some cookies to John's work and hopefully made the guys'day a little sweeter. =)

Given the weekend ahead, I thought it might be a good idea to take the kiddos to visit my grandparents' headstones. I have to confess, we've never done that yet - however, on the other hand, I'm not one to subscribe to feeling closer to them by being nearly their "earthly remains" than lying in my bed remembering them. It was enlightening for the kids. They admitted that a cemetery isn't nearly as scary as the way "Scooby Doo" makes it seem. Despite having to keep Brayden from running as he checked out the headstones, dates, and relationships inscribed in stone, I felt like it was a positive experience, overall.

Later last night, while we were packing near my bookshelf, Mikayla found a journal that I had used to write cute things and milestones that the kids did when they were much younger. I actually feel a lot of guilt that I didn't record more, but, was pleasantly surprised upon reading, there were many things that I had completely forgotten that had us all laughing. Particularly Brayden as much of it was about funny things he said. He begged for me to keep reading and even asked if we could take it on the way to Sunriver and read it in the car. Sorry, buddy, I really didn't record that much.....

Certainly, the family laughter and unity was the perfect healing to an emotionally trying day.

On a final note, I want to point out that in regards to the Chapman tragedy, the one thing that Steven has repeatedly pointed out that God has placed on his heart over the last year - and that he wanted to reflect in his latest album - was to cherish every moment. That is the theme of the "Cinderella" song ("cuz all too soon the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone" - oh man, does that line choke you up or what?). It's reflected throughout his album and I can't imagine a greater gift God could have impressed upon his life now that we see the outcome. Let us all heed that advice - I'm really trying........


Colie said...

Have a fantastic weekend Steph! I'm excited for you to have some family time and fun.

It makes me smile that Brayden loved reading the journal - Mikayla too. It makes me motivated to keep writing down these things now:-).

Finally, it's a pretty powerful message SCC has been receiving from God. I'm sure he is floored at how God was preparing him for this experience - or will be after the overwhelming grief turns into regular grief.

Have a blast!

Stephietoo said...

I miss you guys! Hope you are having fun. We will see you when you get back. Love you!

Anonymous said...

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