Monday, May 05, 2008

Backseat Driver

This is a very familiar sight on nearly every weekday. Actually, on Wednesdays, Syd gets a playdate with her best-beagle friend, Bogey, but on every other day, Sydney guards the front door, ensuring that I do NOT leave the house without her.

When I return from dropping Mikayla off at kindergarten, Sydney does not want out of the car. In fact, if I were to leave the door open, she would stay in it. She knows that Mikayla needs to be picked up, so she is content to stay in the car until Mikayla joins us once again. She must find it a good place for a morning nap, but more importantly, it is insurance that I will not leave her out of the fun. That's what Sydney is all about, being included in the action. It kills her to be left out. If the kids are all in the kitchen, with the pocket doors closed, she'll stare incessantly at us, and pace relentlessly to the point that we are driven insane and give in.

With the car-riding, it's easy enough to let her come. The downside is the dog hair is all over everything, but it is very cozy to have her company (often I forget she's there). Sometimes, she gets a little arrogant, and thinks she can take over the driver seat, but, one look at my returning, and she scrambles right on over or back. We picked a good dog, that's for sure. (And, not once has she ever complained about my driving!)


Anonymous said...

SOMEbody's feeling a little giddy from all that sunshine, huh?

:) Cute post, Steph. I will not let McKenzie read it, though, since she would be very jealous. We let her come with us to the park the other night and the very next day she was trying to shove her way past me to get into the car as I got ready for church. Like Syd, she ain't no lapdog!

StephieAnne said...

It doesn't take long for them to think they are part of the "routine". As it is, she knows that Selco, the car wash, and occasionally Costco gas give out doggy treats so she is all over me up front when we arrive there. It becomes a bit of a bummer in the summer when it's too warm to take her - but, trust me, I'm not complaining about the temperature increasing!