Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalia!

Today is Nati's 8th birthday. Can't believe how fast the time has flown since I was painting my nails in the Corvallis Hospital Delivery Wing waiting for Natalia to make her entrance.

Nati is such a special little girl. I know, everyone can say that, but there is just something so priceless and unique about her. You just can't help but love her, and appreciate her - even if you are rolling your eyes at her antics.

Nati marches to the beat of her own drum, which is, ironically, the same drum beat that Brayden marches to. We don't really understand that, because the link between Nati and Brayden obviously points right back to Michele and I, but neither one is anything like us - we are wondering if we can point back to one of our grandpas.....? I could spend some time trying to describe exactly what makes Nati so special - but, part of it is that it is just so indescribable. And, pretty much, anyone reading this and caring - already knows exactly what I'm talking about!

On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Nati's birthday by taking her, Ellie, Mikayla, Erica, and Christina on a Webkinz hunt at Valley River Center. Michele put together a bit of a scavenger hunt, and an hour later the girls all walked away clutching their beloved stuffed, animal pets. We then met up with the rest of the families of the party at Cold Stone Creamery and had a splendid warm evening celebrating. Here's some pictures that captured the festivity-

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Colie said...

That's it! All day long I've been thinking that someone's birthday was today. I could not put it together and it was driving me nuts. NATI! Oh horay for Nati's birthday. I remember the day oh too well! I'm glad the celebration was so fun. Thanks for the reminder Steph and for the pictures!