Friday, June 01, 2012

Welcome June!

Oh happy day, June 1st!

May ended on a very good note - allowing us the opportunity to visit the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club pool for the first time this year.  When Mikayla and I first arrived, due to her school having one of the earliest releases (and consequently earliest start times) - we had the place nearly to ourselves.  In a shocking change-up of normal pattern, I actually hopped in myself and we went over the best strokes for her to use when she does the Gilham Triathalon next Wednesday.  Brayden was able to join us when his school got out about an hour later.  His school is quite close to the pool as well, so he was able to walk down on his own.  As Travis would say "what a deal".

Later that evening, these fine lades came over.  The last officially Thursday Night Ladies group at my house this school year.  Next Thursday, we'll be at Heather's home - and then we'll be hit and miss with whoever's around to do what randomness folks have in mind on any given Thursday.  Dinner was EXCELLENT....corn on the cob, teriyaki chicken, rib-eye steak, raspberry pretzel salad, strawberry shortcake....SO NOT HELPING THE EFFORTS TO DROP THE WEIGHT GAINED OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!!

Unfortunately, the energy level was super low last night.  I think I was ready to be "Brayden" last night....hopping around, pushing folks' buttons (sorry Kaela), etc- kind of funny that the younger set, for once, didn't have the energy level I did.

So today is the start of June.  While it is warm today, it's a bit overcast and the upcoming days outlook is back in the lower 60's.  Not so great for the many outdoor activities I'll be posting about us participating in this weekend....

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