Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gilham Triathalon 2012

You know that if it's the cold days of early June (often plagued with rain), then it must be time for the Gilham Triathalon.  Thank You, Lord - today was the best forecast of the week with brilliant blue skies.  The morning temps were still in the 40's, but that didn't stop Mikayla and the majority of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from participating in one of the coolest events our school has to offer.

They bike from the school to Eugene Swim and Tennis Club (about a mile away), swim 4 lengths of the pool, bike back to Gilham and then run around the track.  Upon completion, each participant receives a t-shirt and pizza....and of even more importance....bragging rights. =)

I don't tend to make this event one I volunteer for, but seem to always be blessed with other parents who love me to have them send me pictures of my kids.  Today it was Jonna.  Also, in a stroke of serendipitous, I drove by ESTC just as Mikayla was bicycling away.  My cell camera obviously lacks great focus quality, but if you assume Mikayla will be the smallest person in any given group, in this circumstance (and most) you'll be correct!

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