Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great Happenings at Gilham

Monday was a VERY exciting day for Mikayla.  Not only was it "Field Day", but also "Snuggle Down" (where they wore pj's), the last day of p.e., and the last day of music.  On top of all of that, Mikayla was "Principal for the Day"!  She earned that title by having her name pulled randomly from those that sold five or more containers of cookie dough during a fundraiser.  (She sold just five).  While initially, this idea was exciting, as time drew closer, she realized it might be a bit embarrassing - and frankly, because it was taking place on an otherwise awesome day, she really didn't want to waste missing out on the fun to do "principal-like" things. 

Poor Mr. Nelson.  He had all sorts of ideas in mind for her, and she abandoned her post after an hour.  Oh well....  If you can't tell just by his smile, this guy is a whole lot of fun.  The principal that was at our school when Brayden first attended was not gifted to be an elementary principal....not approachable, friendly, flexible, etc.  Gig Nelson is the opposite.  I'm glad Mikayla got to hang out with him, even for just an hour.

Next up, "Field Day".  I volunteered for this, and got assigned to the "Shoe Fling".  It was easy enough, and through nine groups of rotations, we learned how to explain it more succinctly to have it run smoother.  Mikayla's group was one of the last.  Again, if you are looking for her in the crowd, look for one of the smallest/shortest kids....with blond hair and a white tank top.

I've mentioned this before, but this was a banner year for Mikayla in terms of the girls she was blessed to have in the class with her and her OUTSTANDING teacher.  In fact, yesterday, upon picking her up on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! there were tears.  =(  You know it's been a phenomenal year when that happens and it hurts to let go.

Two stations beyond mine was a water relay.  Mikayla and the rest of her class got soaked.  Oh well, it was a very warm day and that was the last activity before they left to go home.  Seems pretty perfect to me.

I figure this also a good post to advertise this on Mikayla's behalf.  She was chosen among her classmates to be the female class representative in April for Gilham's Wall of Fame.  Her picture and award were posted on the bulletin board in the main aisle of the school.  What a kid - we are so proud of her!!!


Tiffany said...

Congratulations to Mikayla!:) Field days are always fun, but really HOT here in the South.

sara said...

isn't it great when our kids have such a great year!!! I know you are proud of her!