Saturday, June 30, 2012

The LONG Route Home: Girls Only Camping Trip Day Four

This was the THEME OF THE DAY: 

If there was a way we could have been slowed down, it happened.  By the end of the day, we were actually laughing at what could have been the master plan behind all of the delays.  We were imagining angels working behind the scenes:  at the construction road delays, at the register line in Walmart, at the half hour wait at A&W, at every wrong turn and long route home - to, for some divine reason, keep us from coming home any earlier than we had planned to be.  There had to be something, because it was just plain comical.

Starting with this scene.  We had just completed packing up the site - binding the tent tightly in it's miniature duffel - and about five minutes from leaving.  I return back from the outhouse with the girls and Michele has this look of shame on her face.  She had left her phone in the tent pocket and packed it in with the tent.  Unbelievable.

Mikayla helped to save the day.

After stop-offs at Weed, California (we saw the "Girls Gone Wild" bus...oh joy!!!) and Klamath Falls, we finally made it to Crater Lake National Park. 

The historic lodge.

And the views - complete with lots of snow still left around (preventing us from doing any hiking, the girls were so bummed....-insert sarcasm-)

Wizard Island.

The Phantom Ship - a feature of the lake.

Nati was not in the mood to smile.  It led to quite the discussion between Michele and her on the way out of the park.    ;)

Mikayla did a report on Crater Lake this year, too bad this visit didn't happen before her speech.

We finally rolled in at about 7:30 Thursday night - this is the weather we came home to.  UGH!!! 

Fortunately, this is the weather forecast for the next seven days.  Today is still raining - but change is a coming....proving again that summer in Oregon officially starts on the Fourth of July!

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