Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bye-Bye Boys!

Special thanks to Michelle, Mark and Amy's "nanny/college friend" for taking these great pictures. This afternoon, we dropped our boys off at Harlow.  It gets easier each year, though I have to confess to still packing each day's outfit and all of his belongings for Brayden for the week.  If not, I'm just not sure I trust what he'd be wearing, and if anything would come home.  God bless his future wife.

As I mentioned last week, these three just love life when they are together.  Whoever ends up in the "wagon" with them, they are bound to be brought in just by their zest for life. 

The boys were ready to get rid of us parents, can you tell?

This last picture was not at all staged, I promise.  Michelle took it without us even knowing.  We are all CRACKING UP looking at it just now, Amy, Michele, and myself - watching the oh-so-familiar interactions with each of our sons.  Brayden is staring off into space ready to launch into the next option to play, Amy wanted a better photo expression of Andrew, and Traig's not even giving Michele the time of day. 

Fun times!  We walked around Harlow as a parent group, merry as can be knowing our boys are already having the time of their lives and feeling so ecstatic about it.  It turned into a night together with our families as we bbq'd steaks and Michele and I plotted and packed for camping.  After perusing through drive times and weather forecasts in every direction, it looks like our most promising bet will be to head south towards Lake Shasta.  We think we've found a hopeful campground a little north of Shasta- and Lord willing, it will take less than 5 hours to get there (compared to the ten we were looking at if we headed far enough east to escape the rain).  Which leads perfectly into this image - put up on Michele's Facebook page true!!!

So, that's the plan....I will probably be back to update about it on Thursday.  In the meantime, hope the start of your week is full of lots of fun!


sara said...

I remember packing Jason's clothes so lovingly in his suitcase and then opening the suitcase up when he got home and he hadn't TOUCHED any of it...he wore the same outfit ALL week. :)

I wish I could send you some of our 100+ degree weather!

Tim said...

Haha! Sam is at Harlow this week too. His first MidSchool camp (going into 6th grade!) over in cabin 22. Janine's parents dropped him off yesterday.

Tiffany said...

Haha...I love the candid shot as much as the weather report...too funny!:)