Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Taste of Tuesday

Did anybody else have a hard time figuring out what day of the week yesterday was?  It seems I was either stuck on Monday or already pushing to Wednesday.  Not complaining, though....having a three day weekend is always a wonderful thing!

My morning began with a visit to my mom.  I felt bad as she called earlier in the morning asking how I was doing.  She'd been recovering from a cold and wondered if I really wanted to go out for a "Bodywork Session".  Um, sorry Mom, but based on the pain I've been in lately....yeah?!!   Hopefully the Dutch Bros latte and form Dad had me print out on their behalf (their internet is down) helped the fact that I was pushing her energy level.

So, every time I go out there, Mackie (Mom and Dad's wired haired fox terrier), is HAPPY to either see me or embrace his beloved Sydney.  However, lately, even Sydney hasn't been enough of a distraction to keep him out of the therapy room.  Because I've "allowed it" in the past, Mackie now feels like it is his right to lay atop my stomach when Mom works on me.  So, as soon as the door is open, he is leaping to the top of the massage table ensuring he gets his spot.  (At times, his momentum has pushed the table away from him and he's ended up on his butt on the floor...that's kind of funny too.).  Yesterday, though, Sydney, decided she was NOT going to be left out, leapt on to the table too.  Um, for you - even if you lost the weight you need to, you are still too big to lay across my stomach!  They were pretty proud of themselves if you can't tell:

Mom did help tremendously - and I sure hope she's feeling better too.  Next stop, off to purchase a badminton set.  Kind of by accident did it dawn on me that that is yet another activity we could easily pull off on our backyard court.  Target had a sweet deal going on with a badminton/volleyball/net set for $16....didn't need the net stuff but everything else would come in handy.  (And, it was in Duck colors!).  Unfortunately, after giving the kids the lecture that the rackets were ONLY to be used to hit the birdies and not any other ball (or any other person...hmmmm JOHN!), I was the first one to snap my racket - just trying to pick the birdie up from the ground.  No kidding, no pressure applied, it just snapped.  Yup, Target's going to be getting a return visit from me this morning and I'll be on the lookout for more "Riley-proof" sports equipment somewhere else.  Fortunately, a tennis racket worked for the rest of our family play was a hoot and felt so right to be outside as a family unit all playing together.  (Even Syd felt the need to participate....we kept her busy with a tennis ball, otherwise we would have lost our birdies to her mouth as she was determined to be a part of the action!). 

A phone call with Julie and a visit/hang out with Kaela also made for a wonderful Tuesday afternoon.

Now, a few pics of the weekend...

A cute one of precious that puggle, and oh how he loves his Schilling family.  He also loves me and any animal that loves me earns that same affection right back....

A couple shots of our front yard (now our only yard....don't need that "front" adjective anymore!).  John put in so many hours power washing, edging, pruning, putting in pavers, and laying bark made Michele and I feel super guilty as we vegged indoors with our Kindles!

And, something super special....I got to feel Whitley kick! (Or at least roll around...she kind of has performance anxiety for anyone besides Stephie and Travis).  The pic taken of both Michele and I's hands on Steph's belly turned out a little odd no matter how I cropped it, but trust me, it was a special moment!

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Jodi said...

I thought it was Monday all day yesterday which is NOT helpful when you have four assignments due Wednesday by 5pm. So I thought I had two days, but really only had one. And I was supposed to send out an agenda and lead a work call at 8:30am this morning, but since I thought yesterday was Monday and I had another day, I didn't realize until 10pm last night that I'd messed up. So yeah, I'm with ya!