Sunday, June 03, 2012

Trinity Formal 2012

I can't dawdle here.  In 90 minutes, we've got folks showing up to take the boat out for the first time this year.  Never mind that it is currently 50 degrees and overcast with only a high of 62 predicted...if it's not raining, it's going to happen.  Afterall, today is Heather's birthday and we will fulfill her wish!!!!

So, I will hastily upload the 43 favorite pictures from last night's Trinity Formal.  It took place out at Camp Harlow, which offered so much more diverse opportunities for posing the girls and their dates.  We had a good time, took the kids with us (as they were invited as well), and this year I opted for comfort over fashion by not donning the formal attire myself.  Good choice!!!  I will give some details of the couples later on, but for now, let me just get them uploaded and this post published before the next adventure of the weekend begins!

While the kids were mostly good at occupying themselves on the grounds of all of Camp Harlow....sometimes we caught them hanging around where they didn't need to be.

This is Erika and Keith.  Erika is someone I've had the opportunity to meet with a few times, and she's now in a relationship with Keith who happens to be Amanda's (from our Thursday Night Ladies) brother.  Huge approval rating on this couple!

I'll give this couple a thumbs up too....

These pics are chronologically out of order, but with so many, it didn't seem that important.  This is the leadership of the Trinity House....Erika, Kelsey, Darcy, Danielle, and Abby.  All five such amazing women.

This is Caleb and Kelsey - she is the house manager and can't seem to take a BAD photo to save her life...I couldn't help but throw three of their poses in as they were just soooo perfect!

Alli - Dave Mertz's oldest daughter.  I feel blessed to have been able to connect with her and her BFF, Megan (following pic) this year - in fact just this week over fro yo.  Her date, Elijah, is just a good friend, as is Megan's.

What a cute pose, huh?!  Doesn't he kind of remind you of "Augie" on "Covert Affairs"?

Another, "good friends" pairing with Abby and Matt...

And, Abby being silly on the swing...she never stops laughing - there's a girl who embodies "partying for Jesus"....

Recognize him from the previous post?  This is Jacob...whose farm we visited earlier in the day for his grad party.  He accompanied the lovely Olivia (another friend pairing).  Olivia is a dancer and a lot like Abby in her enthusiastic infectious spirit for life.

Because Camp Harlow had had their annual "Work Day" earlier on, Dave Mertz was still hanging around his work domain.  Here he is adding to the photography backdrop by adding bubbles with his younger daughter, Natalie.

Darcy, posing with Mikayla

Danielle and Gina with their dates...(can't remember these guys' names...)

Here are just the ladies - love how colorful they all looked - they just dazzle, huh?

More of Kelsey and Caleb...

And, appropriate that this post is "Kelsey picture-heavy" as Saturday was her 21st birthday.  I teased that it was quite a party they threw just for her!

The obligatory picture of the two of us that some sweet person will offer to take.  This time, not as fancy as years past.

This is John Mark (the same guy who was helping out Mikayla in the pics at Jacob's farm) - this time with his friend, Else.  She's headed to Norway this fall with YWAM....she is so excited!

Another Jacob connection - this time it is his sister - posing in this picture.  Her name is Gina, the four kids in that family all look so different and have such unique personalities.

A couple of fun poses of couples that came early.  As they are "really in relationships" they wanted a little more time to find creative shots....I think they came up with some great ideas.

This gal is Kristen, who put this year's Formal together.  Wow, that's a load of pressure.  She was just so thankful the day had arrived and it wasn't raining!

Two of the musicians for CCF, Jimmy and Heather....clearly he cracks her up!

This is the best shot I found of the group - always so hard to get that many people captured, "looking good".  We should have rotated them all to be more in the light, but hey, by that point, we had a serious time crunch going on. 

I think this was certainly the most fun in terms of photography we've ever had at a Trinity it was our fourth year doing it.  I hope they return to Harlow again - so many creative options for posing.  And, John is thankful, that by staying up until 2am, he was able to get all of the pictures uploaded on to Facebook so that hopefully, upon their waking up, they'd have them ready to look, see, and relive the fun of the evening.

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