Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mother's Day...Just a Little Late

Last night we got the chance to honor Leona for Mother's Day. We were off to Red Robin, a family favorite. It was good to catch up with John's mom before she sets off to take another cross country adventure to visit friends in Indiana. I find it super impressive how often she makes these trips with such ease and lack of anxiety. It was enjoyable last night hearing her tell tales of her recent Bemidgi State reunion and how she's so fondly remembered as being the "Beaver" mascot. =)

In startling contrast to the gorgeous blue skies you saw in pictures of yesterday's Triathalon, today is COLD, pouring down rain and downright dreary. I feel like I should be playing the Christmas Station on Pandora. Or, better yet, going back to bed. We are supposed to return to sunshine and a positive forecast by the weekend (when we'll be doing a gathering with Mom and Dad for a joint Mother's/Father's Day celebration). The kids' last day is Tuesday of next week, and it would sure be great if it actually looked and felt like summer vacation!

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