Sunday, June 10, 2012

Harlow Sunday

A couple of weeks ago, our church had its annual "Harlow Sunday".  This is a special service dedicated to speaking about the theme of this year's Harlow Camp in sermon format, as well as interviews and testimonies of those whose lives have impacted and been impacted by Camp Harlow.

To our surprise, the week prior, we got a phone call from Dave Mertz asking if Brayden would be willing to give a little talk about his experiences.  Dave assured Brayden it would be casual in question and answer format - and Brayden agreed.

So, Brayden got to appear in all three Sunday services as well as the Wednesday service sharing about his Harlow experiences.  We were proud parents.  However, it was a crack up to see Brayden come off as so "dry" and without a lot of expressiveness when we are so used to silly Brayden who's all over the place.  Hey, as long as that "all over the place" includes Camp Harlow - we are happy with the places he is going!!!

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