Saturday, June 02, 2012

On the Jacobson Farm

A couple of weeks ago we received an invite in the mail from our dear friend, Jacob, to include our family in his UO Graduation Celebration Party.  It was to take place at the property his family just moved to in the Coburg Hills.  I drive the route near where they live frequently as it's the back roads way to get to my parents house - and it is spectacular.  They live on a farm with lots and lots of acreage.  When they acquired the home, they also adopted this horse, "Mario", and the mule, "Millie".  I'm hopeful I can get my mom to come out and visit with Mario as he is trying to recover from some significant damage to his tendons from age and the kind of work he did in pulling a buggy for the previous owners.  He and I bonded - and though others would say he's "on his last leg", based on the response I got from finding that magic itchy spot to scratch, I think he has some life left.  Leave it to me to get invited to a grad party and spend more time with the animals than I do the people.

Obviously, the kids were having a good time playing king of the rock pile - and Mikayla's learning skills early in playing the "damsel in distress" so some some cute guy (his name is John Mark...GREAT guy but way too old for her!), can help rescue her.

And, then there were the goats - obviously a big draw.

This is Joseph.  He is Jacob's youngest brother - and someone we hadn't met until we came out to the farm.  He is only two years older than Brayden - and attending the same high school Brayden will most likely end up at.  It was really wonderful getting to know and talk to a different member of the Jacobson family - very different from Jacob, but equally impressive in his own unique personality (which reminds us a lot of Brayden).

And, this guy is Jacob.  He's been "Ping Pong" out at Camp Harlow for the kids, has been a significant leader and inspiration at CCF, and is someone we've long considered "one of our favorite guys" among the group.  He was out on our boat last summer as well. 

It was a treat to spend some time out on their farm.  Now a brief reprieve before heading out to Harlow to take pictures for the Trinity Formal.

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