Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week in Review

I'm blaming the kids for my absence of new posts this week.  Nati and Mikayla have absolutely been monopolizing my computer.  Grrrr!  I've had enough access to the internet (email, Facebook, and stopping in on a few other blogs) through my Kindle, but there's definitely no way to construct a blog post with pictures on that piece of technology.  (Well, I'm sure there is, but not worth the effort).

It's been a very busy first full week of summer vacation.  Immediately following Kenjon's graduation, I met up with Michele about halfway between our homes to pick up Traig and Nati.  Traig and Brayden both had 12 hour counselor training at Harlow both Monday and Tuesday, while Nati and Mikayla had their volleyball camp Monday through Thursday mornings.  It was held at Northwest Christian University - a campus that is adjacent to UO. 

I had all sorts of ideas in mind on what to do to make the week a whole load of fun with just these two girls.  We didn't get around to all of it, but we started out well by taking a bike ride across the river to Joanne Fabrics on Monday afternoon.  We purchased items to make Fourth of July wreaths that have yet to be tackled.  Good thing we'll have lots more time together in the near future.

We celebrated the last day of Volleyball Camp by walking across campus to Yogurt Extreme.  The boys happily joined us.  Andrew spent virtually all week with Traig and Brayden - I love that kid.

Following yogurt, the boys went to play putt putt golf and bowl before gift certificates expired at the end of this month, while the girls merrily played at ESTC for nearly three hours.  I'm glad they took advantage while they could as the weather has definitely taken a turn and will not be really warm/sunny again until next Wednesday =(

This is how the boys spent much of their "free time" together.  They rotated from these positions to playing out on the court.  Livin' the high life!

Yesterday, Michele drove down to pick up her kids and visit for the day with Ellie in tow.  It turned out that the girls hung out at Amy's with Jackson and Christina while the boys hung at our house.  Meanwhile, Michele and I went to see "Snow White and the Huntsmen".  Gotta say, I wasn't a fan.  Kristen Stewart pretty much acted in the same capacity and style that she does as Bella in "Twilight" and there just wasn't enough heart/emotion/warmth to the movie.  Having recently seen "Mirror Mirror" with Mikayla and finding myself smiling/laughing out loud to some of the dialogue - this version of Snow White's story was so much more of a downer.  

Our evening ending when everyone converged back at our house along with Travis and Steph.  In this picture, Travis is sharing with everyone the brand new Mariners Track Jacket outfit that he bought for Whitley - his first clothing purchase for her.  Altogether now, "Awwwwwww". 

I gotta admit, I was so tired last night.  I think I'm coming to terms with admitting that I have my own share of seasonal allergies and yesterday I just felt half drugged and so worn out.  So, this weekend, the focus will be "regrouping" physically, emotionally, and organizationally as next week necessitates it.  Brayden gets dropped off at Mid-School Camp (at Harlow) Sunday afternoon.  On Monday, Michele, myself, and the girls will take off to go camping.  Given the sketchy forecast, we are determined to drive until we find sunshine - even that means making it across the border to Idaho or California!  We'll return Wednesday, but needless to say, some packing and prep is in store!

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great start to summer vacation. Speaking of bike ride....I took one yesterday and didn't think I would be able to make it home....ouch!!! I really need to start up my exercise routine, AGAIN! I can't wait to see those pretty wreaths...or maybe I just haven't read that far yet...I'll see;)