Saturday, June 02, 2012

Missin' the Meyers

Friday was a wide-open day for me.  To be honest, I've had a lot of those, and while that might sound like "livin' the dream" to have time to spare, I've actually struggled with being disciplined in making the best of it.

Since the sun decided to come out, I opted to take Syd for a long walk.  At one point, I actually considered driving us both to the coast, but without a pal (human, I mean) to go with, it didn't seem worth it.

Instead, we opted to walk throughout the neighborhood.  Along the way, we walked by the Meyers home.  I'd hoped I'd see that someone was home and maybe get some time with Amy, but given lights were off - I figured I was out of luck.  Instead, it inspired a phone call to John to see if he was in agreement with me that a bbq/evening with the Meyers should be in store for the night.  He was - and miraculously (given their busy schedule), they were able to come.

I gotta say - Syd is a little outta shape.  She's also still covered in her winter coat.  So, when she got home, she was overheated.  She splashed water from her water bowl on to the floor to be able to lay in.  I took pity on her and gave her a cool bath (she was due for some cleaning anyway).  She was quite content to just hang out in there for a while (we have a glass door that pens her in), and SOOOO exhausted when she got out.

My pictures of the evening with the Meyers are pretty cruddy - interior shots with my cell aren't usually so hot.  Oh well, it provides proof of the memories - and they were sweet - hanging out with this family we enjoy so much!


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